In 2014 “Plano B” has made nine years of history as one of the main houses of underground club culture in Portugal. It has been eight years as an engine for promising new acts, eight years providing an unmeasurable cultural growth within the city of Porto which is considered one of the best cities in Europe right now.

After so many years and so many deeds it seemed quite obvious for us the need of taking a step forward towards creating something that would take the Plano B name way beyond the door number 30 on Rua Cândido dos Reis. Therefore it naturally came to us the bare necessity of creating Cubo Records. A label that is an organic extention of the club itself.

This is Cubo Records’ first release ever. Due to come out on January 2016 it features two of the best promising acts of the portuguese electronic scene.

On side A we’ve got Rompante with a mesmerizing house track with classic vocal hook that will get you. The bass is groovy and the melody melts perfectly within the analog percussion as the track evolves into a big dance floor killer. A2 features Pixel82 on the remix providing a playful twist towards UK house on “U Know”, another original track by Rompante. The remix shifts the mood of the tune all around taking full advantage of the pitched vocal sample. “You know I love you don’t you?”

On the flip we’ve got the freshly squeezed producer Elite Athlete. Taking influences from his stay in Hamburg, more precisely in Wandsbeker Marktstrasse, he delivers a bass driven tropical gem which you just can’t skip. The key word is drums and the mood is festive. On remix duty we’ve Moss (one of the alias of Trikk) who takes us back to a slow-mo rave in 97. Still don’t get fooled by the slow tempo and this is one of those hypnotic tunes sneak upon ya when you least expect.

Have a listen here:

A1/ Rompante – Don’t Know What

A2/ Rompante – U Know (Pixel82 Remix)

B1/ Elite Athlete – Untitled5

B2/ Elite Athlete – Untitled5 (Moss 97′ Remix)

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