Fairmont (aka Jake Fairley) has built up a loyal worldwide following throughout his long musical career. He’s most known for his 2005 release ‘Gazebo’, a club monster that sold 20,000 vinyl copies, had steady national radio play in many countries and solidified Fairley as a key figure in the world of electronic music. Prior to this he had several releases under various pseudonyms on top-notch dance-floor imprints such as Traum, Kompakt, Sender and Dumb-Unit.

What can you tell about your new Close Your Mind EP?
It came together very easily, which was great. Sometimes I work for months on a single track and it never comes to completion and sometimes I finish a song in just a few hours. I finished this whole record in a week in August. It was really natural and fun. The EP is also a big success which is an added bonus.

Which music/artist changed your life?
The artists that most changed my life have been my friends. Getting inspiration and support from those people that are close to me has been essential.

What are the places you enjoy to play?
Small clubs filled with real people.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Living comfortably doing what I love has been more than I could have ever asked for.

How do you relax?
Beer helps. haha

What keeps you awake at night?
Not much. I get up very early, so I crash pretty early when I’m not at a gig.

What were your best moments in the Plano B?
The people, like always in Portugal. I love Oporto, so I’m really excited to be back!

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